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Dr. Johnson began her formal teaching career as a graduate student at The Ohio State University, shortly after earning her Master's degree in Social Psychology. With over a decade of experience teaching in a college classroom, Dr. Johnson strives to create an educational environment that fosters critical thinking, while encouraging students to understand how psychology applies beyond the classroom. In each of her courses, she integrates critical discussions on issues relevant to stereotyping, prejudice, diversity, and best practices to promote inclusion in all environments.


As a teacher-scholar, Dr. Johnson views undergraduate research as an opportunity to actively engage students' in their own learning. Whether a student hopes to attend graduate school or enter the workforce following graduation, Dr. Johnson uses the undergraduate research experience to help students develop and master skills that will help them excel in their post-Elon goals. To accomplish this, she involves students in all stages of the research process, encouraging students to take ownership of their role in the research process. Dr. Johnson's research mentees regularly present their research at Elon's Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) Day. Similarly, a number of Dr. Johnson's students have authored or co-authored peer-reviewed publications and/or conference presentations at regional and national conferences. To learn more about Dr. Johnson's research with students at Elon, please visit her Stereotyping and Prejudice (SAP) Lab homepage. 

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